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Our Story

At Bounce Pickleball, we are committed to providing your ideal pickleball experience – whether that’s casual play with old friends, recreational play with new friends, or high-level competitive experiences.


Bounce is where pickleball people find their pickleball people.

At the core of Bounce’s mission are two ideas: access and performance. We believe that to build a real community, there needs to be access to play time, when you want to play. We also believe this is crucial to push the boundaries of pickleball performance. These two ideas are crucial to building one remarkable pickleball community that meets the needs of all pickleballers.

Best-in-class courts.

We have consulted with the top players and professionals around the country to determine the absolute-best play conditions possible.

  • Best-in-class lighting

  • Colored to provide maximum ball contrast

  • Fully-indoor, heated courts for year-round play

  • Players lounge for socializing before and after your games

The Bounce
Origin Story

Bounce Pickleball was born from the huge need for indoor space to play pickleball in the Philadelphia area. We have the privilege of converting the Main Line’s most beautiful tennis center into Pennsylvania’s first fully-dedicated indoor pickleball facility. We will have 14 premiere play courts that are oversized and enclosed to provide an uninterrupted and unmatched play experience. 

Our mission here at Bounce is twofold. First and foremost we want to create a strong sense of community and togetherness via pickleball by creating structured access to courts and playgroups for all ages and levels of ability, from brand-new players to touring professionals. Second, we aim to increase play competencies across our membership and community by bringing in the nation's top players and coaches to instruct here on the Main Line. We believe that pickleball courts can be the new "third place" - a space outside of work and the home to foster friendships and build new relationships.

We offer contracts, court rentals, open play events, tournaments, leagues, round robins, one-on-one lessons, group lessons, clinics, drills sessions, and facilitated play, where members will have opportunities to experience play against some of the country's top players.  We are looking for talented, energetic people who want to add value to the pickleball community and have an interest in helping Bounce Pickleball become a national leader in pickleball court access, community and performance.

Our Vision

A first-of-its kind all-pickleball, all-the-time center, our vision for Bounce is to satisfy the ever-growing and ever-varying needs of the pickleball community. Some players come to pickleball to unwind, meet friends, and socialize. We have a spot for them. Other players come to pickleball to chase high-performance goals. We will have a spot for them. Some players will fall in the middle - they want to get better and improve their skills, but still approach the game from a social and recreational perspective. There is a spot at Bounce for them too. With 14 courts, we plan to offer open play, clinics, guided drilling sessions, leagues, tournaments, and many other events, all leveled to ensure the best play experience for each player. We hope to see you at Bounce soon!

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